Evolis USB Biometric electronic signature capture pads.

Build Quality.

Evolis has launched a range of electronic USB Signature Pads. Utilising high quality signature capture technology that allows for a natural signature experience on a large surface. The signature is displayed in real time on the pad which is backlit to provide the maximum visibility in varied lighting conditions. A flat and robust design, no external power required. Power supplied by the USB connection.

Signature Capture

Evolis electronic capture signature pads digitize the signatures in high resolution and can also be used to record biometric data, such as writing speed and pressure, for forensic expertise.
Secure data transfer between the pads and computers is ensured using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

Electronic Signature.

It is projected that in Australia over 100 million transactions will take place with electronic signature. Australian law allows for nearly all documents to be signed electronically. Here is a link to the Electronic Signatures in Australia whitepaper.

Thanks to signature pads, people can capture and digitize in a few seconds handwritten signatures in high quality, and for a large variety of applications: ID documents, document signing and validation, even when travelling. This reduces the amount of paper used, optimise processes and improves your company's brand image.

Robust & scratch resistant surface.

USB Signature Pad software and purchase

SignoPAD Tools signature capture tools.

consists of the three parts

  • signoIntegrator/2
    Capture of the signature as an image and insert it as graphic at cursor position in any Windows Program.
  • signoImager/2
    Capture and save of the signature as an image in the system or clipboard.
  • MS-Office Add in
    Installs Ribbons in the menu bar in MS-Word and MS-Excel from version 2007.



Signosign2 signature capture software.


With signoSign/2 software, create and sign a PDF instantly and securely. Available for 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, try this software during 30 days for free.

Evolis Signature Pad.

Natural signing

Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads have a large surface with a unique finish for natural signing sensation.
The signature is displayed in real time on the pad which is backlit to provide maximum visibility under all lighting conditions.

Evolis signature tablets for all your needs

Evolis signature pads use resistive technology (signature captured with a stylus or finger) or ERT technology (pad reacts only to a stylus).

Resistive touch technology versus Electromagnetic Resonance Technology ERT.

Main features of the pads:

  • Backlit screen*
  • Extra flat design and smooth surface for a natural signature
  • Signature display in real-time
  • Plug’n Play USB connection**
  • Encrypted data transfer to the computer
  • Stylus connected to the pad with an anti-twist attachment 

*except Sig100 LITE
** A driver needs to be installed for Sig Activ, click here to download it


Signature pads combine simplicity and security

They are ideal for:

  • Administrative and government departments: ID documentation, registration forms, etc.
  • Businesses: contracts, staff and visitor management, etc.
  • Banking and insurance: opening accounts, loan agreements, etc.
  • Retail: payment validation, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Health: admission forms, medical reports, etc.
  • Tourism and leisure: registration, arrivals and departures, etc.

Integrate signatures directly onto your cards

Signature pads in conjunction with an Evolis card printer and a computer let you integrate a signature directly into the card design and so increase the level of card security. 



  • Backlit display
  • Monochrome (Sig100) or colour (Sig200) display
  • Super slim, ergonomic design
  • Smooth surface
  • Non-scratch finish
  • Real time signature display
  • Connects to computer via USB 2.0
  • Standard stylus
  • Tether with swivel



You can buy the Sig pads here.

Supplied with single license of Signosign software to capture your signature.

Sig 100 USB capture pad.

Display: Monochrome
Resolution: 320 x 160 Pixels
Display area: 95 x 47 mm
Screen Size: 4" (10.5 cm)
sig100 screen size.

Buy Sig100 USB Signature Pad.

Sig200 USB Signature Capture Pad.

Resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels
Display area: 101 x 76 mm
Screen Size: 5" (12.7 cm)
sig200 screen size.

Buy Sig200 USB Signature Pad.

Sig 200 can be used as a slide show device with preloaded images
Download signotec SlideShow

Sig100 Lite USB Signature Capture Pad captures signature, no LCD.

Sig100 LITE no LCD
Sensor Resolution: 4036 x 4036 Pixels
Display area: None
Signing area: 9.5 x 4.7 cm
Sig100 Lite USB signature capture pad without LCD.

Buy Sig100 Lite USB Signature Pad.

Sig 100 Lite brochureSig100 Lite PDF Brochure

Sig Activ high resolution full colour display signature pad.

Sig Activ
Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
Display area: 101 x 76 mm
Screen Size: 5" (12.7 cm)
Sig Activ high resolution full colour signature capture pad.

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Sig Activ brochureSig Activ PDF Brochure