InteractCard supply quality pre-printed plastic cards. With options for local or overseas supply of premium quality preprinted PVC cards. Card printing can be from static design or variable data, we can personalise your cards or you can use a card printer to personalise the printed cards yourself in house on demand. Email your artwork to us to get a quote on pre-printed plastic ID cards. Short run pre-prints available, for best results use 300 pdi or greater quality graphics to ensure the best possible pre-printed plastic card.

Pre-printed plastic ID cards.

When you need to issue cards quickly it pays to pre-print the plastic card in advance. It will cost less in the long run too. Quick delivery times.

Pre-printed Gym membership cards are a good example. You can have thousands of plastic cards pre-printed with the same background image and just an individual unique barcode applied to each membership card. Pre-printed member cards are cost effective in volume.

Contact us to discuss how plastic PVC pre prints can reduce your ongoing costs with regards to membership, loyalty & staff ID pre printed cards. Fast turnaround for preprinted cards in Australia. We can supply sticky backed plastic cards that can be used on clam shell ID access control cards for door access.

Some of our customers use pre-prints and then use a card printer to add variable data to the card (photo, name, ID, barcode, etc.).

Some pre print membership card Examples...

pre-printed card examples.

You can use Black Flex ribbon to add black text & barcodes to your pre-printed cards.

Black Flex ribbon.

Common uses for pre-printed membership cards...

Pre-printed Hotel room access ID cards.

Hotel room access card, pre-print cards for access to hotel rooms.

Pre printed Golf Membership ID cards.

Golf membership cards, pre-printed cards for sport memberships.

Pre-printed Gym Membership cards.

Gym memberships, have your members arrive and register quickly. Use as cashless payment system.

Pre-printed shopper loyaty cards.

Shop discount loyalty cards, issued to frequent shoppers to reward loyalty and increase sales.

Supported file types

For the best result, you need to have access to high quality image formats.
300 dpi or greater will produce the best results. Typical print quality files such as High Quality Vector PDF, flattened EPS, TIFF files.

Contact us for more information.

Overprinting on pre printed cards.

Some pre-printed card jobs still need to be personalised.
You can use any of these printers to add photos, text, barcodes or Qr-codes to your preprints.

Evolis Zenius Card Printer.Zenius
Evolis Primacy card printer.Primacy

Quantum 2 card printer used to personalise cards.Quantum2