Clips and straps for ID card.

Attach your ID cards or card holders to a wide variety of attaching devices such as lanyards, card holders, retractable reels, etc.. The clear vinyl straps due to its flexibility, are the industry's most commonly used strap. Once you have printed your cards, you will need to either slot punch or encase it in a card holder.

Clips & Straps for printed plastic cards.

CLH01B Black dome plastic clip.

Black dome plastic

CLH01S Metal dome plastic clip.

Steel dome plastic clip

CLH01W White dome plastic clip.

White dome plastic clip

CLSAC1 Self adheasive metal clip.

Self-adhesive metal Clip

CLSAC2 Self adheasive plastic clip.

Self-adhesive - Plastic clip

CLSC01 Clear vinyl strap with metal clip.

Clear 60 mm vinyl strap metal clip

CLSC03 Clear 90mm vinyl Strap.

Clear 90 mm vinyl strap

CLSCP1 Clear 60 mm strap with metal clip and pin.

Clear 60mm vinyl strap metal clip & pin