ID Card Holders

You can buy card holders from the site. InteractCard supply quality products to protect and display your printed ID cards and badges. Can be used with lanyards or straps and clips. The card holders are made to fit standard CR80 PVC plastic cards. The CR80 card is 8.6cm x 5.4cm. If your card is of another dimension please contact us before ordering.

Store and protect printed plastic ID cards in card holders.

Rigid ID card holder for membership cards.

Rigid ID card holders,
100 per pack

single or multi card holders in various colours.

Name tag plastic card holder.

Name tag holder,

With clip and pin on the back to attach to the visitor.

Flexible plastic card holders.

Flexible card holders,

soft vertical or horizontal card pouches with slot for lanyard or clip.

Dual card holder

Plastic dual card holder.

Dual ID card holder that mounts one card on each side of the holder.

Single card holder

Single plastic card holder

Combining maximum protection for your ID card with durability and versatility, this card holder is made from high-quality UV resistant PVC

Fuel card holder

Fuel card holder

Fuel Card Holder with key ring. Holds 1 card. 
Impervious to fuels. Includes key ring for attachment.

Multi card holder

Multi plastic card holder.

Multiple ID card holder that holds up to five ID cards.

Flexible ID Card Holder For Conferences

Flexible conference card holder portrait.

Low cost ID Card Holder - portrait format

Flexible ID Card Holder For Conferences

Flexible card holder landscape.

Low cost ID Card Holder - Landscape format