Used in banks, security facilities and military. The Evolis Securion caters to the growing need for security and fraud control and produces cards that will last significantly longer. Securion comes with a colour print module and a laminating station, both operating in dual-sided mode. It takes just one pass to print, encode and laminate a secure card.

Security built in.

  • Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided
  • Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless
  • Card lifespan:+3 years
  • Number of cards per year: More than 30,000
  • Card security level: Very High

Printing on pc cards

The Unichroma™ ribbon used with Securion makes it possible to use direct-to-card printing on polycarbonate (PC) cards.
These extremely strong cards are used for sophisticated applications requiring a high level of security. The combination of a Securion printer and Unichroma™ ribbons offers an economical solution for issuing secure polycarbonate cards.

PDF link to Securion card printer user guide.Securion card printer brochure

Securion video.

Below is an introduction video demonstrating the features of the Evolis Securion ID Card Printer.

Lamination station.

The Securion printer is the best solution for personalizing and laminating secure cards at customer-facing counters. It caters to the growing need for security and fraud control and produces cards that will last significantly longer.

Premium protection

With its one-of-a-kind lamination station, Securion durably protects your secure cards. The printer applies any type of film over the entire surface of the card - from simple varnish to patch films with ultra-high security custom holograms - for premium protection of your cards. Your cards will last for years with virtually no wear and tear.


What makes the Securion so special...

Securion Card Printer with cover open.

Evolis Securion, full colour printing with lamination station that can either use over-laminates or holograms to further protect and secure your ID cards.

Card design software.

Card Design Software, The Securion is compatible with Cardpresso and eMedia Card Design software. No software is supplied with the Securion Card Printer.

Secure ID card.

Secure ID Cards, with many security features available the Securion can personalise and protect identity cards.

Encoders available with Securion Card Printers.

Multiple Encoders, the Securion can be fitted with multiple encoders to allow combination security.

Secure card printing

The Securion is a robust printing solution to cater for secure ID card production.

Available to buy through
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Security ID card