To address the new country of origin food labelling laws, labelling your food produce has become easier. Print your Deli counter price tickets, food origin and food allergens on food contact compliant plastic cards. These cards can be cleaned and reused to provide details for your products in display cabinets. Price tags, seat place cards, wedding seat allocation place-cards and blank card stock can be purchased online below. As used in deli (delicatessen ), resturants, hotels and food buffets to display brand, price and food information.

Print food origin, allergen & price tags...

Buy online food price tags, spikes and card holders. Safe to use in areas where food is prepared or presented. Hotels, buffets, deli’s, bakeries and anywhere you can use price tags, place setting cards, seat cards. Printing of table seating cards on demand. Create different styles based on your artwork.

Stainless Steel grade Deli tag holders...

The stainless steel food spikes below are listed as stainless steel grade SS201 for food Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliance.

Printable Food compliant signs...

Range of metal and plastic food price spikes. Used to display prices, allergens, food product origin and other information about the products. Food safe and contact compliant food allergen labelling printers.

Buy food price tags online...

Food price tag spike 8 cm tall.

PTAC01 Food price spike,
25 spikes per pack.

8 cm tall Magnetic food price holder.

PTAC02 Magnetic price holder,
25 holders per pack.
8cm tall

Plastic card holder.

PTAC03 Plastic card holder,
25 holders per pack.

Food safe contact compliant price lables seating cards.

Blank matt black food compliant cards,
100 cards per pack.

PTAC05 12 cm tall magnetic price tag holder, 25 per pack.

PTAC05 Magnetic price holder,
25 holders per pack.
12cm tall

Price tag clamp, 80 mm tall.

Price tag clamp 80mm,

25 clips per pack

50 mm Stainless steel clip holder for resturants.

Stainless Steel Clip Holder - 50mm,

10 clips per pack

100 mm Stainless steel clip holder for tables.

Stainless Steel Clip Holder - 100mm,

10 clips per pack

Wide plastic food spike 100mm tall.

Price spike 100mm,

25 pins per pack

Food price tag clamp 40mm tall,

Price tag clamp 40mm,

25 pins per pack

White ribbon for printing food compliant price tags.

Food compliant WHITE ribbon,

1000 prints per roll

Black ribbon for printing on food compliant price labels.

Food compliant BLACK ribbon,

2000 prints per roll

Stainless steel folded price ticket pin.

Stainless steel folded price ticket pin 22x7x49mm,

10 per pack

Food price stands and clamps.

Used in delis, restaurants, cafés and dinning. Create your own templates for stands and table seat numbering cards. Print seat reservations and gift cards on demand. Print food allergy labels.

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