Purchase a card printer though Flexirent

Why Flexirent?

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Renting your printer equipment via Flexirent allows you to spread the cost of using the printer over your choice of terms: 24, 36 or 48 month terms. It provides an update path so that you always have the latest printer equipment that's right for your business.

The Best Way to Finance Technology!

Right now, it’s difficult to know what your future printing needs will be, which is why it makes more sense to Flexirent®. Flexirenting offers a number of important advantages over other forms of finance, the most important of which is extra flexibility.

  • No deposit required
  • Tax deductible for business
  • Rent a total solution
  • More options end-of-term
  • Cash flow friendly


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What is a Flexirent MiniLease?

Flexirent MiniLease is a quick and easy leasing solution for businesses to finance a full range of electrical appliances, office furniture and other commercial equipment costing from $1,500, provided that one item is $500 or more.

It works like a typical car lease where you pay monthly amounts and then pay a residual amount at the end of the term to own the goods.