Printing Staff & student ID cards made easy.

Simple to use printers that allow instant issuance of student cards and staff identification cards. Print ID cards to identify your students. Printing of full colour photo Library Cards printed in seconds. Simple desktop printer to produce Student discount cards.

Student & Staff ID card printer.

Make your student badges on demand and on site. School ID cards can show name, photo, date of birth, grades, dietary requirements and more.

Easily determine different year groups with simple background colour changes. Make cards for staff and on campus visitors. Multiple card templates can be made for University, College and school student and teacher identification cards.

Print student and teacher id cards available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide.

Library and canteen cards.

Add barcodes and even read and encode Contactless RFID chip cards. These Student ID cards be used in libraries and canteens as payment cards. Other uses include parking and access to buildings and classrooms.


Easy to use School ID Card Printers

InteractCard supply the worlds leading brand in ID card printers.
Evolis card printers.

Below are examples of successfull school ID badges installations;


Multi use plastic card for Universities
Evolis Distributor in Australia InteractCard. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide.

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Students holding ID cards

Which printer is best for student card printing for schools and University

Zenius ID card printer used to make Student and staff ID cards.

Zenius ID Card Printer,
single side printing colour or monochrome printing.

Easy to set up and use.
Works with PC and MAC.

Primacy school library card printer.

Primacy ID Card Printer,
dual side printing in colour or monochrome.

Benchmark for University and school ID card printing.

Student ID card accessories.
ID Card Accessories,
including lanyards, clips, reels, card holders, signature pads for making Student and Teacher ID cards.