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eMedia Cardpresso PRO version  

eMedia 'Standard' Card Design - Now supplied with Free EXCEL database connection!

The perfect tool for graphic, magnetic, and electronic personalisation of plastic cards.

Standard eMedia software with EXCEL Database connection supplied with Pebble and Dualys card printers only.

eMedia facilitates the creation and printing of all your cards: company badges, business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards etc, and gives you the possibility to build a source of different card layouts instantly.

DON'T FORGET: The online help can be accessed from each drop-down menu, topic or "object properties" dialog box by pressing the F1 keyboard key.

The Standard version allows connection to Excel data sheets so you can store your records and retrieve them when needed

Supplied in its Standard version with the PEB3LE and Dualys, eMedia also has an upgradeable version called eMedia Professional, designed for connections to databases (MS-ACCESS, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, ODBC database connections) and access to a number of advanced functions including expression builder.

Acquire your photos with standard compliant technologies from your digital camera or scanner. Resize, crop, rotate and zoom your pictures with your mouse.

Download the eMedia software
Download the eMedia brochure
eMedia Upgrade information
eMedia database choice eMedia Database Choice guide

Four versions of eMedia are provided. Only one installation is needed, and you may upgrade your eMedia simply by entering a combination of characters into a specific dialog-box. This key may be provided to you by your local reseller by fax, e-mail or simply by phone. No hardware device, no wait.

eMedia version supplied with Evolis printer
Trial version
(30 days)
Standard version
EXCEL Connection
Demo mode Professional version
  ALL PRINTERS   Upgrade version for all printers

eMedia Card Design Trial Version Software.


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